Choosing a Poem

After reading through a lot of his poems the first one that caught my attention first was “The Fairies” however when researching I found there was already so much design work done on this poem so I decided to chose one not as popular.

I really liked “The Ruined Chapel” and after reading it I already had different ideas on what to do for the project.

By the shore, a plot of ground
Clips a ruin’d chapel round,
Buttress’d with a grassy mound;
Where Day and Night and Day go by,
And bring no touch of human sound.

Washing of the lonely seas,
Shaking of the guardian trees,
Piping of the salted breeze;
Day and Night and Day go by
To the endless tune of these.

Or when, as winds and waters keep
A hush more dead than any sleep,
Still morns to stiller evenings creep,
And Day and Night and Day go by;
Here the silence is most deep.

The empty ruins, lapsed again
Into Nature’s wide domain,
Sow themselves with seed and grain
As Day and Night and Day go by;
And hoard June’s sun and April’s rain.

Here fresh funeral tears were shed;
Now the graves are also dead;
And suckers from the ash-tree spread,
While Day and Night and Day go by;
And stars move calmly overhead.

As this is quite a long poem, I was thinking of taking one or a few verses and using them. Although I really like the repetition of “As Day and Night and Day go by” I had the idea of maybe using this and making it the main theme of the design.

I had the idea of finding an old chapel somewhere to take pictures or film different areas surrounding it. I found out there is one in Dungiven that looks pretty cool. I plan on going here to take my own pictures hoping it will give me some inspiration as it is suitable for the poem I have chosen.

I really like this picture of the chapel, I didn’t take it myself but thought it had a sort of spooky feeling to it.


~ by stephc0nn on October 7, 2012.

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