Final Poem

After changing my mind a lot, I finally decided on the poem Late Autumn. I also decided to use photography for the final piece.

October – and the skies are cool and gray
O’er stubbles emptied of their latest sheaf,
Bare meadow, and the slowly falling leaf.
The dignity of woods in rich decay
Accords full well with this majestic grief
That clothes our solemn purple hills to-day,
Whose afternoon is hush’d, and wintry brief
Only a robin sings from any spray.

And night sends up her pale cold moon, and spills
White mist around the hollows of the hills,
Phantoms of firth or lake; the peasant sees
His cot and stockyard, with the homestead trees,
Islanded; but no foolish terror thrills
His perfect harvesting; he sleeps at ease.

I went to Brooke park in Derry and took some photos that I thought would be suitable for this poem. I narrowed it down to my favourite few that I have added in.

I chose four of my favourite photos as the poem seemed to split into 4 verses, then brought them into photoshop and did some editing.

The first attempt turned out below:

I didn’t like the font for this as I thought it was hard to read. I decided on a more Typographic approach to this and also wanted to do a bit more editing to the photo, to make it a little different to a standard one.

After playing around in Photoshop again I came up with these 4 images as the final photos for this piece.

This is the link to the final video,  I felt that it didn’t need a voice over as the Typography was strong enough. Instead I added background music.


~ by stephc0nn on October 28, 2012.

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