Pro Three: First Aid

First Aid aware are currently exploring opportunities to bring their training experience into primary schools to educate children from the ages of 4 to 14 on basic emergency, first aid techniques and first aid knowledge enhancement.

Following a briefing from the client, your challenge is to offer creative methods of communicating to this specific target audience. Search for possibilities within the brief where you can be innovative in your concepts, add depth to your design development and successfully deliver a potential design solution that will assist the company in achieving their objective.

To begin my research I started looking at what was already out there and being taught to children at this age. Obviously different teaching styles will depend on the age group.

My mother works in a number of different primary schools for extra curricular activities so I decided to use this to my advantage and was able to have a discussion with the principal at Mullavilly Primary School. I She gave me a better insight to what children in different age groups where learning in regards to first aid.

It is hard to fully explain first aid and safety to the age group of 4-6 so their approach in this primary school was to start introducing the children on how to stay safe and away from danger in different environments, may it be in the home or at the park. With the use of interactive whiteboards in many schools it has the potential to make this sort of learning experience fun for the children which will encourage them to take in the information that is being taught.

Between the ages of 7-9, children are now able to take in more information using different mediums. Within this age group you can now introduce the first aid concept as they are now aware of dangers and how to avoid them, now comes the time to learn what to do if something happens. As it is still quite a young age, it will only be basic first aid steps, for example learning the emergency number.

The older age group of 10-12 can expand their first aid knowledge wider, with already knowing the dangers and how to avoid them. They can now learn basic first aid training.

Below I have added what things are already out there to aid teaching children safety/first aid.


From what I can see, there is a lot of posters and books for teaching first aid to younger children but after speaking to the principal about this and how effective this is she said that getting the children involved in some way, be it a roleplay game or using the interactive whiteboard is always more effective when it comes to teaching. Giving them information from a book or poster is harder for them to take in.

This led me on to research if there were any games for children in this age and what environment they were played in. e.g computer, whiteboard etc.

I looked at a few different games like ‘spot the hazard’ I remember doing this in primary school but this only involved getting a worksheet whereas now there is the technology to make it more interactive and fun.

There are a number of other games also online that I found but not as many that are suitable for the younger age group.

I want to direct my attention to use of the whiteboard, this means when learning the whole class can get involved at one time instead of separately at a computer. My initial idea is to create a flash game used on the whiteboard that when one person is playing the rest of the class can watch and learn at the same time so its not only being learnt by the user.

Possible Game Ideas:

-Spot the hazard
-Jigsaw Puzzle
-Interactive Quiz
-Spot the Difference

I have created a Gantt Chart to help me keep on track of what to do to complete the project to schedule.


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