24 Hour Brief

I was given the choice between two briefs; Shoes Company or Apples and Artichokes. My chosen brief is the Shoe Company as it was the one that I was drawn to the most and felt a bit more challenging (I might regret this after 24 hours) and as it is only a 24 hour brief there is no time to waste.

Robinson’s Shoemakers’ is and has been a family business since it was established in 1954. They are passionate about their shoes and believe in quality materials and excellent customer service. They remain as traditional as possible in both their approach to making, repairing and selling shoes. They sell instore locally in Carrickfergus and online all around the world.

Robinson’s ShoeMakers’ sells men’s shoes and makes men’s and ladies shoes.

There is a second shop, currently names Robinsons 2. This store sells shoes to the female market (30+) and has separate premises. The businesses are legally two separate businesses and are totally separate, although the 2nd business has a direct family connection with both Robinsons Shoemakes of old and the existing business.

Robinsons 2 sells ladies shoes and repairs mens and ladies shoes.

Design Challenge:
There is an obvious cross over between the two businesses. Although they are separately owned, they do feed work to each other on a daily bases, selling repairing and making mens and womens shoes. The 2nd business wish to change their name from Robinsons 2. Should they come under the Robinsons umbrella? Should they merger and become one with an umbrella brand, with sub brands beneath? Or should there be a complete split and a new store with a new name completely? Your challenge is to offer an identity/brand solution that best solves this business problem.

This is a husband and wife team, the husband owns Robinsons Shoemakers and his wife owns Robinsons 2.

There is a lot to consider with this brief, my first instinct is as they are a husband and wife team, why not merge the two?

It is stated they are traditionally in their work so my feeling is the design should fit in with this. I have a lot to look at and will start by going on  their existing website to get a feel for what design should come out of this.

This shows the existing banner currently on the website which currently has a traditional design and I would like to keep it that way but with something more eye catching.

I found an image of the actual shop and from the website and shop design I can see green is the most consistent colour. Why not change this completely and have a total face lift to the brand? Or will budgets not allow this? There are lots of questions and feedback I would like to find out from the owners but as its 24 hour there will be no time for this.

I started to look at other shoemaker companies to see what was currently out there.
Below shows some of the banners from different shoemakers websites.

Company Name:

Original name(s) – Robinson’s Shoes and Robinson’s 2

Merged Idea:

I’m thinking of a his & hers sort of design approach to this, combining the two under one name but sub sectioning it so it is still separate but together at the same time. I feel it would be appropriate to keep the Robinson’s name as the company was established in 1954 it would be a shame to lose the name after keeping it so long. I also quite like the fact they chose the wife’s name especially back in those days, you would assume it would be led by the man. Again there would not be enough time to get into the reasoning behind the name and if it has any meaning to the company but I’m going to go on my idea of keeping the name but changing it up.

Robinson’s His | Robinson’s Hers
Robinson’s Shoemakers His&Hers
Robinson’s Shoes Ltd
Robinson’s Shoes Shine

Design Ideas – What am I going to create with this design and where will it be?
-Business Cards
-Shoe Boxes
-Shoe Labels
-Shoe Bags
-Window Signage
-Website Banner

I haven’t quite chosen a name yet but I’m going to play around with different fonts and different names and hope one sticks out.

So after MANY different attempts and moving font around I have finally came up with the logo and name.

I noticed the use of green a lot through out the website etc, so I tried to keep that in with it. I have generally revamped the name while also merging the two companies so it clearly states they do both male and female shoes. My idea for the website is to have it under one but links to the different sections so men will click ‘His’ and women will click ‘Hers’ and be led to the information for that suits.

I will now use this logo to create a website banner. After creating a few different banners, I came to a final design.

This was then designed further into a general layout for the website. I didn’t go into that much detail with the main page for the website. It is just to get a general feel of how it would look.

Now the website has been designed I can now focus on branding other items.
This included window signage, shop signs, shoe boxes, shoe bags, t-shirts and shoe soles. The logo is easily adapted onto anything that needs branded.

Below I have added in my two development pages for the project:

I have also included my final design page:

I am quite happy with the outcome and really enjoyed this project; this is the area I enjoy the most. There are many more things I would have liked to include but due to the timescale it was not possible.


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