Poem Change

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After thinking I had my definite poem choice and idea on what I was going to do for it, I was looking online at different stop motion videos and came across this one which I really liked.

I then had a complete change in my idea and wanted to try and make a stop motion video. I didn’t think this would suit my current poem choice so I read again at some of William Allingham’s poems and liked ‘Kate OBelashanny’

Stop motion, also known as stop action or frame by frame, is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.


I also thought this one was really cool by incorporating both 2D and 3D design.



Seek up and down, both fair and brown,
We’ve purty lasses many, O;
But brown or fair, one girl most rare,
The Flow’r o’ Belashanny, O.
As straight is she as poplar-tree
(Tho’ not as aisy shaken, O,)
And walks so proud among the crowd,
For queen she might be taken, O.
From top to toe, where’er you go,
The loveliest girl of any, O,-
Ochone! your mind I find unkind,
Sweet Kate o’ Belashanny, O!

One summer day the banks were gay,
The Erne in sunshine glancin’ there,
The big cascade its music play’d
And set the salmon dancin’ there.
Along the green my Joy was seen;
Some goddess bright I thought her there;
The fishes, too, swam close, to view
Her image in the water there.
From top to toe, where’er you go,
The loveliest girl of any, O,-
Ochone! your mind I find unkind,
Sweet Kate o’ Belashanny, O!

My dear, give ear!-the river’s near,
And if you think I’m shammin’ now,
To end my grief I’ll seek relief
Among the trout and salmon, now;
For shrimps and sharks to make their marks,
And other watery vermin there;
Unless a mermaid saves my life,-
My wife, and me her merman there.
From top to toe, where’er you go,
The loveliest girl of any, O,-
Mavrone! your mind I find unkind,
Sweet Kate o’ Belashanny, O!

‘Tis all in vain that I complain;
No use to coax or chide her there;
As far away from me as Spain,
Although I stand beside her there.
O cruel Kate! since that’s my fate,
I’ll look for love no more in you;
The seagull’s screech as soon would reach
Your heart, as me implorin’ you.
Tho’ fair you are, and rare you are,
The loveliest flow’r of any, O,-
Too proud and high,-good-bye, say I,
To Kate o’ Belashanny, O!
As this poem is so long I was thinking of taking the first verse and making a stop motion video, creating a main character for Kate O’Belashanny.

So I had a go at making a stop motion and really didn’t like it at all, here is a picture of the character I created for the video.


Choosing a Poem

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After reading through a lot of his poems the first one that caught my attention first was “The Fairies” however when researching I found there was already so much design work done on this poem so I decided to chose one not as popular.

I really liked “The Ruined Chapel” and after reading it I already had different ideas on what to do for the project.

By the shore, a plot of ground
Clips a ruin’d chapel round,
Buttress’d with a grassy mound;
Where Day and Night and Day go by,
And bring no touch of human sound.

Washing of the lonely seas,
Shaking of the guardian trees,
Piping of the salted breeze;
Day and Night and Day go by
To the endless tune of these.

Or when, as winds and waters keep
A hush more dead than any sleep,
Still morns to stiller evenings creep,
And Day and Night and Day go by;
Here the silence is most deep.

The empty ruins, lapsed again
Into Nature’s wide domain,
Sow themselves with seed and grain
As Day and Night and Day go by;
And hoard June’s sun and April’s rain.

Here fresh funeral tears were shed;
Now the graves are also dead;
And suckers from the ash-tree spread,
While Day and Night and Day go by;
And stars move calmly overhead.

As this is quite a long poem, I was thinking of taking one or a few verses and using them. Although I really like the repetition of “As Day and Night and Day go by” I had the idea of maybe using this and making it the main theme of the design.

I had the idea of finding an old chapel somewhere to take pictures or film different areas surrounding it. I found out there is one in Dungiven that looks pretty cool. I plan on going here to take my own pictures hoping it will give me some inspiration as it is suitable for the poem I have chosen.

I really like this picture of the chapel, I didn’t take it myself but thought it had a sort of spooky feeling to it.

Pro One: Design With Poetry

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William Allingham

I am required to chose a poem by William Allingham and use this to design a piece of work related to the poem.

I started by  looking at different styles of Design with Poetry and below are a few Graphic Designs that I liked.



I also had a look at Kinetic Typography and found some interesting videos.

This is a Kinetic Type video made on a quote from The Wedding Crashers film, I thought it was quite cool.

I also came across some cool stop motion videos that I think would be quite fun to make with this project.