Pro Two: Identity


You have recently been made redundant. Starting your own creative business or introducing your concept to market has always been a personal goal and this seems like the ideal opportunity. You been informed today that there is seed funding available with a local digital networking group for business start-ups in the area, but the application deadline is this week. Time is not on your side.

Identify: A name for the company/product/app/game/exhibition/event/publication

Design: The company logo
Now that your basic identity is in place, you are under pressure to show development and potential implementation of the brand. Progress the bran over to show the funders how the identity may be visualised.

Development: Choose appropriate content relative to your brand
Stationary, livery, signage, web, app screens, interaction design, photography, online marketing, screen idents, publication design, promotional print and screen,, packaging, moving image, viral marketing etc.

Areas for consideration: Corporate identity, Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration, 3D/product design, Information Design, Interaction Design, Moving Image.

Company Name Ideas

I first had to decide what kind of company I wanted to create a logo on. I did not know anyone with any current businesses or upcoming business ventures that would need re-branded or created. As I am a designer I thought about establishing a new graphic design company. This appeals to me as it is something I want to do for a career and will look good when applying for jobs. I started to think of some names that I could call the company.

-Graphic Art
-Art Attack
-Design Print
-Pixel Graphics
-Pixel Art
-Graphic Studio
-Genius Graphics

I am quite drawn to the pixelated/pixel /graphic/art idea as I can already imagine using something pixelated to create this design and feel it would work well. Now to decide the final name.

Pixelated; I quite like this but does not seem like a graphic design business whereas Pixel Graphics will definitely give the idea of it having something to do with graphics. I think my favourite is Pixel Art, as it is something a bit different but still relating to graphics and design.

Logo Research 

After coming up with the name for the company, Pixel Art I decided to have a look at different logos that where already out there before I started the design process of my own.

I like the idea of these logos; obviously related to shoes given the name and design. I’m not too keen on the font choices and feel it could be designed to look a bit more professional. I quite like the top left pink circle as it is simple and straight to the point and could be used to brand a lot of items easily.

These are all well known logos, some of them very simple but clearly have worked well with the product. Most were created a while ago and due to the success of the company, it would be inappropriate to re-brand as they are easily recognisable.

First one I recognised was the subway S.
Cadburys C

They are the only ones I can recognise although if the answers where shown I would probably kick myself. 

These again are very well known logos.
The original creator of the nike tick was only given $35 or so by the company back in the 70s when it wasn’t famous. It is probably one of the most simple and recognisable logos in the world.
I must remember this if any company approaches me wanting to buy a logo.

Premade logos


Colour is a very important topic in design. I learnt information on colour from a book in the libary. 2D Visual Basics for Designers, Robin Landa, Rose Gonnella and Steven Brower. 

“The starting point of an understanding of colour is a description of light.” – Steve Beeson, physicist at the University of Arizona

Colour is not tangible, but the surface or object from our physical environment on which colour is seen can be touched. Colour is a property or description of light energy, and only with light do we see colour. It does not exist without light.

In regard to communicating visually, on a grand scale throughout history and across global cultures, colour has been applied on a far reaching symbolic levels to represent religious ideals, royal status or notions of death, innocence and wealth. In the contemporary business world, colour is often used to represent a brand, such as the red of Coca-Cola or the Tiffany turquoise-blue. The emotions, associations, symbolism,  ideas, sensations, and thoughts embodied by the colour seem to be boundless. Rodrigo Sanchez explores a host of interesting colour variations in magazine covers for the Metropoli.

1 2 5

The warm colours are said to be reds, oranges and yellows and the cool colours are blues, greens and violets.


Many theoretical and scientifically based systems and their corresponding charts have been formulated to help designers and artists understand the nature of colour and colour relationships. Including:
-Albert Munsell
-Johannes Itten
-Faber Birren
-Josef Albers


As the company name is Pixel Art I looked at some different font I could use for the logo. I downloaded some pixel type font and tried them out.

I then thought about whether I wanted to keep the font simple and straight forward and create a sort of pixelated graphic to go with the font. I took to my sketch book and drew up a few ideas that I could use to create the logo that could be used throughout the design.

I had the idea of splitting the words in two and using two different styles of design for each. I concentrated on PIXEL to start and messed around with some fonts on Photoshop to come up with the style below.

I did the same with the word ART and wanted a more hand written style to the font, so I looked at a few different ones to find out which I liked the most.

I thought this font was quite cool but maybe a bit too retro for the look I was going for.

I went onto Adobe Kuler which is a good website for helping choose colours that go together. I wanted to use pinks, blues and greens and give a variety of different options and styles for the company to use. This will help to keep it new and exciting while sticking with the same consistent design.

adobe kuler

I really like these shades of the colours and feel they go well together and will look well in the design.

I then brought both of the text together to see what sort of design I could come up with.

I liked the design of the third one the best so tried a few different versions of this.

I changed the colour shades slightly after using adobe kuler as I felt these three went better together than the ones above. These colours are stronger and stand out a lot more.

Pixel Art LogoFINAL

I think I might keep the option of having three colours so with business cards or stationary etc there can be a variety instead of keeping it to one colour.

I wanted to create business cards to go with my company so I looked at a few different ones.

I did a few rough sketches of general designs of business cards that I could use for a template

I used photoshop to create a few different ideas for the business card, as the name has not a major design attraction to it I wanted the business cards to have something to catch the eye instead of just the font. I came up with a few different ideas below that I will further.


blue card2

blue card3

blue card4

blue card5

blue card6


I then got a few outside opinions on each card and played around on photoshop again combining a bit of each to give me my final look.


I also created letters and compliment slips.

I didn’t like the design of this and want to tie it in with the rest of the design so I changed this to the following below.

blue stationery green stationery pink stationery

I added some more branding to other appropriate products



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